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The composer Carl Nielsen and the sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s two daughters, Irmelin Egger Møller and Anne Marie Telmanyi, did in 1957 establish Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Foundation in memory of their parents.

The foundation owns 2/3 of the artist rights after Carl Nielsen and all rights after Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen.

The capital of the foundation is primarily established on basis of the income from the artist rights.

Each year the foundation grants the largest honorary awards in Denmark to Danish artists. Every other year to musicians and composers and every other year to sculptors.

Further, the foundation gives out fifteen talent awards each year to young musicians, composers and sculptors.

In addition to the above, the foundation supports various projects with the purpose of making people aware of Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s artistic work.

This site presents the artists and projects funded. These are only available in Danish at this time.

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